Analysis of Policy and Procedures

Unit Code/ Name BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment selection and induction processes
BSBHRM505B Manage remuneration and employee benefits
BSBMGT502B Manage people performance
Program Code BSB50207 Program Name Diploma of Business
Assessor Name Due Date
Assessment No AS01 Assessment Type Written assessment – case study
Business Simulation case Study
Assessment Title Analysis of Policy and Procedures
Assessment Instructions
1. The assessment is to be presented at a business standard.
2. Due date must be adhered to. (Refer to student rules for any variations)
3. Each group must undertake their own research and report information in their own words. (plagiarism will not be tolerated)
4. Excessive quotation from source information, as a replacement for the students interpretation of the source information, will

not be accepted
5. Work that contains source information that is not properly referenced will not be accepted.
6. APA referencing style is to be used.

NB: Students are reminded that TAFE offers a free service to assist with the production of written assessments. This assistance will

not cover writing the assessment but will look at grammar, spelling and the production of a clear and structured assessment. Students

are strongly advised to utilise this service.
Assessment requirements
To complete this assessment you require access to:
1. CaffeineCapers Simulated Business case study:
2. Equipment:
a. Computer
3. Software:
a. Word processor
b. Internet
c. Email
Assessment Purpose
To demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to manage all aspects of the recruitment selection and induction processes.
Assessment Brief
This assessment requires you to analyse the procedures so they reflect the current policy
CaffeineCapers is an organisation that currently employs 200 workers, 25 are based at head office and the rest are in the outlets. Each

outlet has a similar structure to below:
• Managers x 2
• Short order cooks x 2
• Baristas x 2
• Casual wait staff x 6
In the next 3 years CaffeineCapers aim to expand its operations and open two (2) outlets in South Australia and acquire an outlet in

Western Australia. To address the immediate future needs of the organisation, CaffeineCapers aim to increase their staff base to

include 45 of the best professionals over the next three years.

Assume you are a member of the Human Resources (HR) team at CaffeineCapers and the HR manager has just finished revising the

Recruitment and Selection Policy. You have been given thetask to ensure the updated Recruitment and Selection Procedures reflect the

new policy.

Part B: Individual assessment – Individual analysis

Part C: Individual assessment – Supporting documentation

Specific requirements to be included in assignment Part A: Group Assessment – Gap analysis

You are required to conduct a Gap Analysis of the newly developed CaffeineCapers Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and

relevant legislation against the CaffeineCapers Recruitment and Selection Procedures (see separatecase study)
This will involve:
1. Completing a CaffeineCapers Gap Analysis template.
2. Comparing current procedures to the newly developed policy, CaffeineCapers strategic and operational plans.
3. Addressing all procedures separately.
4. Determining the gaps to address.
Part B: Reflection
This assessment which requires that you:
1. Include a brief background on the method used to gather the information within the analysis.
2. Identify areas in the procedures that need revising because they are:
o Contrary to new policy, strategic or operational plans
o Out-dated compared to current research and practice
o Not compliant with current legislation
3. In your analysis mention how the procedures can / do address, or comply with, the following:
o The concept of outsourcing
o Diversity, equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination principles and associated legislation
o Industrial relations and relevant legislation
o Workplace relations regulations and legislation
o Employee contracts, relevant awards and certified agreements
o Recruitment and selection methods, including assessment centres.
o Psychometric and skills testing programs
4. Write a conclusion about the overall process and outcome of the analysis.
5. Update the procedures to reflect the new policy
6. Include a section in your procedures for version control and obtaining support and authorisation from management.
7. Explain how you will communicate the new procedures to relevant staff and how you will provide training if required.
8. Explain how you will use technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process
TIP: As well as the relevant legislation and current research underpinning each procedure, consider the following:
 Time frames involved
 Relevant personnel
 Documentation required
 Training and support

Part C: Supporting documentation

This assessment requires you to develop the following documents ensuring they reflect the new policy, revised procedures and

legislative requirements:
• Recruitment and Selection process checklist that includes timeframes
• Position Description template for CaffeineCapers that includes guidelines on how to complete each section, ensuring it covers:
o Purpose of position
o Reporting requirements
o Key responsibilities
o Key Result Areas (KRA)
o Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
o Selection criteria /Person specification (essential and desirable)
• Letter of Engagement template for CaffeineCapers that provides advice about salary, terms and conditions (use

guidelines provided)
• General Orientation checklist that includes:
o Sections to address
o Key points of sections to discuss
o Location for discussion/tour
o Who will facilitate each sections
o timeframes for delivery
o Section for feedback and sign off by new employee and facilitator
• Induction Program checklist that includes:
o Sections to address in the program
o Locations for facilitation/coaching
o Who will facilitate each sections
o timeframes for facilitation over the probationary period
o a section for discussions allowing feedback and opportunities to respond / improve
o Section for sign off by new employee and facilitator
• Induction Program evaluation checklist that includes feedback from participants and facilitators
• Communication and training plan for the roll out of new procedures to relevant personnel

Refer to marking criteria for more information.

Specific requirements to be included in assessment
Word Count Guideline Part A: Approximately 1000 words
Part B: Approximately 1000 words (in addition to existing procedure document)
Part C: 1-3 pages each supporting document
Format & Structure Written answers, completion of templates and development of documents
Referencing requirements APA referencing style
File Name AS01_analysis_your name

Ensure that you submit all three (3) parts of the assessment (A, B & C)

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