In the article from Informs Online, How analflics enhance the guest experience
at Walt Disney WorldI by Pete Buckowski and Hai Chu, the writers describe how
the Walt Disney Company uses analytics to improve the guest experience at it’s
hotel and theme park properties.

Please indicate:

0 Assume you work for Disney’s Decision Science and Support team; what 3
metrics would you look at daily to gauge the guest experience? For each of
them, provide an example how it’s useful?

0 The article describes several analytical projects, from FASTPASS to costume
management to crowd control, etc. Choose any of the projects cited in the
article and describe why you would want to be part of that analytical team?
In other words, which one seems “fun” and why?

0 Why do you think Disney uses analytics in innovative ways getting people
off the waiting lines for popular rides? If they are already in the park (and
paid an admissions ticket) why are they designing “tools” (FASTPASS,
interactive queues) to reduce long lines?

Extra credit:

If you’re main responsibility working at Disney was selling ponchos at the theme
parks (those garbage bag looking items people wear when it rains), what metrics
would you use to maximize your poncho inventory and profit margins.

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