An investigation to determine Paracetamol by different analytical methods

An investigation to determine Paracetamol by different analytical methods

The report is essentially a scientific paper in which you report your findings. It should explains to the reader:
•why the work was done, and what the aims were [Introduction]
•what was done, and how it was done [Experimental, or Material and Methods]
•what was found [Results]
•what it means, and how it fits in with the existing body of knowledge [Discussion, Conclusion, References].
More specifically, your report should include the following sections:
Title – this must be sufficiently descriptive to allow precise identification of the exercise being carried out.

Introduction – introduce the topic, and briefly describe what the exercise requires you to do. This might be a suitable point to introduce your plan of work, and what you expect to achieve.

Experimental – the methodology and results (provided as attachment PDF paper)

Discussion – what do the results mean? What is their significance? How do they relate to what was expected, or what has been reported previously? How do they relate to the objectives of the exercise? Always refer to your results specifically – it is not appropriate to say, “From the results, it is clear that…” How is it clear, and why?

Conclusion – what can you conclude from the discussion of your results? This will probably require a brief re-statement of the key points of your discussion. This would also be the point at which to suggest further work.

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