Air Quality and Human Health

write a short news article that will draw attention and inform the readership of a newspaper (e.g. Globe and Mail), or the viewership

of a news website, of the linkages between environmental change and its impact on human health.

Your chosen subject must be specific; you cannot discuss the issue in general terms. You will search for information on this topic as

source material to write a news article on the subject, which is meant for a general audience. This article must be accurate and

informative, but at the same time engages the reader into learning more on the subject, while remaining easily understandable. The

content must clearly discuss a link between environmental change (which form is of your choosing) and human health. A title that

clearly announces to reader what the subject of your article will be, and catches the eye is also necessary.

must contain an introductory sentence that clearly states what will be the issue discussed in your paper, and its link to human health.

A concluding sentence which synthesizes the content of your news article is also required. Your paper should have the following format:

Times News Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, normal margins (2.54 cm).

in-text citations, and a list of references will not be required. You will not be allowed the use of quotes; all the information you

will relay must be paraphrased.

Make sure that the statements you use are your own. Simply using slightly modified key passages from your sources is not acceptable.

Begin your paper with an introductory sentence that states what the problem is, and its importance to human health. Ensure that you

have a concluding sentence, which synthesizes the message of your paper.

Title of the Article•Attracts attention of the reader•The title is informative
Introductory Sentence•Clearly state what the issue is•Clearly states the impact on human health
Content•Logical flow of ideas and information•Writing is clear and concise –without repetitions•Content is accurate and

informative•Content engages the reader•Content makes clear the need for the problem to be addressed•Content compels the reader to learn

more on the subject•Content clearly links environmental change and human health•Content can be understood by the public in general
Concluding Sentence•Concluding statement synthesizes the content of the article

No in-text citations required
No figures/diagrams required
No direct quotes allowed


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