After Mandela: The Struggle For Freedom In Post-Apartheid South Africa

After Mandela: The Struggle For Freedom In Post-Apartheid South Africa


Dedicate at least a paragraph to whether you experienced a shift in perspective. What do I mean by this? Did reading this book make you look at an issue, culture, country, differently?

An A paper will be able to connect Foster?s observations to class readings and/or textbook concepts. To earn an A, you must not have grammatical or spelling errors. An A paper includes insightful commentary and you must be very willing to share your perceptions. You write around 1,000 words.

A B paper = Solid, substantial and targeted observations and is willing to share perceptions. To earn a B, you must not have grammatical or spelling errors. You must also be able to connect to class discussions/readings. You write around 1,000 words.
Use these questions as a guide.

1. What observations does Douglas Foster make about South Africa? What does he say about the economy, media and politics?

2. Does Douglas Foster criticize and/or admire the culture, the politics, and the way of life? How do you think his personal view shapes the narrative? (You can ask him yourself at the cyber "meeting." Meeting time to be announced soon.

3. What are some of the difference between South African culture and U.S. culture? What are some of the similarities? What did you find most surprising, interesting and/or difficult to understand?

4. What is the central theme discussed in After Mandela? What topics/subjects/ideas does Foster explore? And how or who does Foster employ to explore these themes?

5. What evidence does Foster use to support the book?s ideas? Is the evidence convincing, definitive or speculative? What does the author depend on ? personal opinion, observations, historical documents, interviews? Elaborate.

6) This one is especially important: Think about ways in which ideas/themes in After Mandela are connected to what you?ve read in your textbook. It is important that you are able to connect textbook concepts to After Mandela.

7) Talk about specific passages that struck you as significant?or interesting, profound, amusing, illuminating, disturbing, sad? What was memorable?

8) What have you learned after reading this book? Has it broadened your perspective about South Africa, your perceptions of other cultures?
9) How is South African culture not monolithic? In what ways is that similar to U.S.?


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