Advanced Computer Science

Exercise 1:
Use the PMT function in Excel to solve the following problem:
You are about to buy a house for $250,000. After giving a down payment of $50,000 you decide to get a loan for the rest.
Knowing that the maximum monthly amount you are able to pay is $1,600 for a period of 10 years, what would be the interest rate that

will fit your need?

Exercise 2:
Create a Database, using Microsoft Access, for a book store that has the following things: –
3 Tables: 1 table for the store customers, that contains: Customer Id as the primary key, customer name, address, city, phone number.

Make sure to have at least 3 customers with Rabat as their city. 1 table for the books that contains: Book Id as the primary key, book

title, Author name, date of publication, and category. Make sure to have at least 3 books with Category as “Food” 1 table for the

orders that have Order ID as the primary key, Order Date, Book Id, and Customer Id). At least 2 of the customers are the one from

rabat, and at least 2 “Food” books have been ordered
– 3 Forms, one form for each table. Make sure that you can add entries to the tables using the forms. And that your form has a logo on

– 3 reports, one for each table. With a logo at the top of the report. After defining your Table relationships, do the following: –

Make sure you have at least 5 customers, 5 products and 5 orders in your tables.
– Create, run and save a query that shows the customers who ordered from your store and who live in Rabat. – Create, run and save a

query that shows the “Food” books ordered and the name of customers that ordered them.
* Watch the MS Access streams for guidance.


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