Abolition of the Slave Trade

Abolition of the Slave Trade

The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the

Abolition of the Slave Trade, Thomas Clarkson, Reader, pp 185-196 (please

note that we are reading Thomas Clarkson on the slave-trade, not John

Newton, as is cited in the syllabus.)
#2 John Stedman Narrative

**** Pick one of these article to write
****Following is weekly writing describe
A. Complete all the readings assigned for the upcoming week.

B. Based on ONE of the readings, write 4 paragraphs as follows:

1) If it’s a historical or literary narrative, give a brief summary of the
story, the main characters and the plot.
If it’s a critical or theoretical text, describe and explain the main
argument, as you understand it, in your own words.

2) What communities of people can you identify in the text? (witches,
sailors, villains, pirates, laborers, landowners, states-people, merchants,

3) Choose one image/representation/event in the narrative that interested
you. Consider its relationship to the globalizing forces at the time.

a. How are the people it represents connected to/affected by
globalizing forces?
b. What global struggles or power dynamics do you see in the text?

4) Relate it to another text you have read and explain how it is connected.

C. Post what you have written in the appropriate assignment block on GauchoSpace.
These entries are not visible to your peers.

Assessment: Weekly Writings will be graded based on the following criteria:
1) evidence of careful reading and understanding of the text (10)
2) the fullness & quality of your answers (10)
3) correct grammar & clear expression (10)


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