A Longitudinal Analysis of Emergency Preparedness and Response since

A Longitudinal Analysis of Emergency Preparedness and Response since 2005

The component I have chosen for this assignment to be revolved around is hospital evacuation. This assignment will be evaluated based on the ability to incorporate NIMS/ICS, the roles or intersection with government, assessment of vulnerabilities, planning and response.
Assignment Overview:
A Longitudinal Analysis of Emergency Preparedness and Response since 2005
Utilize the information learned throughout the semester to research, evaluate and write a comprehensive assessment of one component of emergency preparedness and response. The component should be selected from one of the key capabilities or roles required for ESF-8. For example, you could select hospital evacuation, animal sheltering, medical surge, food safety, or communication systems as your topic for comprehensive assessment. The elements of your assessment should include analysis of the following, each related specifically to your selected area of focus (hospital evacuation).
• Federal plans pre-Katrina
• Examples of exercises or pre-Katrina real-world response that demonstrated the level of plan sophistication
• Gaps in plans (federal, state, local, organizational) pre-Katrina
• The Katrina response: the good and the bad
• Changes in federal, state, local and organizational plans as a result of Katrina
• Examples of exercises or real-world responses within the last few years
• Identification of improvements and continued gaps
• Synthesis: Your expert and thorough assessment of the overall progress, current status, continued challenges and future direction of your area of focus. This synthesis should include at least federal and organizational-level synthesis. Ideally, it also will include local and regional/state synthesis.
This paper should not simply be a regurgitation of facts and plans but instead your critical analysis and synthesis of improvements (in any) and continued challenges. The paper must be a targeted and focused paper about one aspect of ESF-8; it should not be a general description of overall public health, medical or animal science preparedness. Use government documents and peer-reviewed or research-based articles as references. The content and synthesis of information included in this paper is more important than the length; however, I would estimate this paper to be approximately 12-15 pages in length.

Note: There are numerous amounts of government documents and peer-reviewed or research-based articles online, therefore other references may be used besides those that are attached.


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