Vulnerability assessment

Complete a Vulnerability Assessment

For this assignment:

Do a vulnerability assessment of the environmental and surroundings portion of a known structure or facility.

Submit this as a two page paper. Be sure you cite your sources in APA format.

Below is a guide if things to cover if it is possible. Be sure to read my note at the bottom.

Document law enforcement, fire department and hospital locations and contact information

Document neighboring buildings and contacts for their security staff

Are there vehicle barriers at entrances, are they needed

Check the landscaping and note that it does or does not provide cover for intruders

Are dumpsters secured with padlocks

Is it possible for a passerby to access building utility shut offs and ensure they are secure, including phone and Internet connectivity

Account for emergency routes (snow routes, floor routes, etc.)

Document other building tenants: business type, number of employees, hours of operations, etc.

Can monitors, marker boards and projector screens cannot be easily read through windows

Are all entrances are well-lit

Are parking lot and grounds well-lit

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