Strategic Management Analysis of Zara Fashions

Instructions from the Professor are below. “Zara: Fast Fashion” (HBS). Same format as my last order (81646214)

Prepare the Case
1. Read and examine the case thoroughly

2. Focus your Analysis:
a. Identify two-five key problems.
b. Why do they exist?
c. How do they impact the organization? d. Who is responsible for them?

3. Uncover possible solutions from a strategic management point of view, your experiences in business, etc.

4. Select the best solution.

Drafting the case
1. Introduction: Identify the key problems/issues in the case

2. Background-Set the scene: background information, relevant facts and most important issues to resolve

3. Alternatives:
a. Outline possible alternatives(not necessarily all of them)
b. Explain why alternatives were rejected c. What were the constraints/reasons for rejection
d. Why are alternatives not possible at this time?

4. Proposed Solution:
a. Provide one specific and realistic solution b. Explain why you chose this solution

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