Social Psychology

Reflecting on the debate
• In your assignment document, after your postings, reflect on the discussion. Your task here is to concisely report on the form and

content of the discussion that took place between the groups (approx. 300 words).
• You may find the following questions stimulating (but do not feel constrained by them if you wish to discuss other things):
o Which points did you feel were most compelling? Why?
o Did you want to change your position after reading the points of others?
o How did you feel the discussion progressed?
o How might you learn from this experience?
• Remember that whilst this is a personal reflection of your experiences during the discussion, your response should also involve an

analytical approach fitting with social psychology.

You must submit your assignment document to the relevant drop box in Loop for marking (see Deliverables section below).
Assessment Aims and Objectives
In your submission, you should demonstrate:
• An ability to select appropriate points for discussion;
• An ability to write at a good academic standard;
• A capacity to support ideas/points with evidence;
• A capacity to work with the points of others;
• A capacity to provide counterpoints supported by evidence (or logical insight);
• An ability to construct a coherent and persuasive argument when debating with other fellow students;
• A capacity to analytically reflect on experiences;
• Referencingthat followsthe latest APA style.
• Course Materials: particularlypart one (units 1-9) and relevant material from other units.


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