reflection paper

Part I:
Length: 4-6 pages (excluding cover and reference pages)
(NOTE: the page limit will be strictly adhered to; nothing over the maximum limit will be marked).
Format: APA
Due date: week 5

This personal reflection paper is a ‘work-in-progress’, designed to build upon each week’s learning, and to facilitate reflection and analysis

of your current approach to practice. The purpose is to identify how you describe each of the nursing metaparadigm concepts at the beginning of

the course; why you describe each as you do.
• At the conclusion of the first week of class, for each of the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (person, health, environment and

nursing) write a short paragraph (point form is fine) defining each concept (i.e. what do each of these concepts mean to you?) Provide a clear

example from your own practice to support your description for each concept.

• By the end of week 3, review your description of each metaparadigm concept and expand your on-paper discussion to include the reasons

why you described each concept as you did. Using Mezirow’s (1990) framework for reflective practice, describe what influenced your thinking

about each of the concepts. This answers
the question: Whydid I write what I wrote? Why did I define each concept the way I did?

• By the end of week 4, review your work-in-progress to date. Based on your descriptions of each of the metaparadigm concepts and your

reasons for describing them as you did, i) determine which world view (paradigm) your thinking represents and ii) explain why, using Parse’s

(1987) framework for
paradigm analysis. This constitutes the analysis component of this assignment.

• This paper is to be submitted to Turnitin through Learning Management System by midnight of the day preceding the submission date.

Submission instructions for additional hard or electronic copy will be provided by the instructor no less than one week before the paper is due.

• Feedback on this initial assignment will be provided by week 7.

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