Nurse Practicioners in ER policy analysis

Nurse Practicioners in ER policy analysis

Policy Analysis:
Using Bardach (2012) eight step process to complete a policy analysis on the use of Nurse practitioners in the emergency room. Your position is for using them in the emergency room to help improve flow and patient wait time.
Step 1: Defining the Problem
Step 2: Assemble the Evidence
Step 3: Construct the Alternative
Step 4: Select the Criteria
Step 5: Project the Outcomes
Step 6: Confront the Trade-Offs
Step 7: Decide
Step 8: Tell the Story

Distinguish selected factors affecting U.S. healthcare delivery systems and organizations

Examine factors affecting healthcare finance and payment systems

Evaluate selected healthcare policy models and frameworks

Formulate strategies for coalition building and health advocacy

Synthesize selected policy analyses affecting advanced practice nursing

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