News analysis

Watch one hour of broadcasting that is labeled “news,” and write a two-page (double -spaced) analysis of it. Use the following questions to

guide your analysis. You may include a number of questions, or just one or two in your paper. However, regardless of how many questions you

choose, your paper must have a clear thesis (main point). This thesis must be supported/illustrated with specific examples and analysis of them.

Your paper will also be graded for clarity of the writing and grammar and mechanics. Use APA documentation to cite your sources.

Television Questions: What can you tell about the priorities of the mass communication organization (network) from observing the production

(look, tone, etc. of the show and type of ads, if any). What is being conveyed/ consumed (information, entertainment, advertising, correlation)?

What can you tell about the network’s and its advertisers’ perception of its audience from the broadcast? About the audience’s perception of

itself and its society? What are the implications of these perceptions, revealed by this broadcast?

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