LBJ the man who was responsible for the assasination of John.F.Kennedy

Get information from the links that i sent you and also readings that you can find which supports my argument.

Here are some points on how the speech/presentation should be
*what are professional presentation expectation , written or spoken
How to take the first step, to start the convo
Need to able to talk to a general audience or professional
Able to address your message across the audience
Shows the audience the world through your eyes
Professional in a similar field, excepted data to be right
Different perspective or new data present
How did you get the methods to obtain data
Less personal feelings
Where did the origin come from
Assume certain knowledge from audience
Establish your authority
How do you credit yourself by the sources used
Intro: 1) the topic is about, 2) why is it important
Show the interruption of the data, show professionalize is base on the analysis
Conclusion of the whole topic
Do it in a way where the presentation is organized in a while, make sense

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