Identity Community (selfie)

“For scholars, the selfie phenomenon represents a paradox. As an object, the selfie lends itself to cultural scorn and shaming. As a cultural practice, however, selfie circulation grows by the moment, moving far beyond the clichéd understanding of bored teenagers sharing narcissistic tendencies online. Selfies have come under considerable scrutiny and debate – ranging from discussions about ego-centric acts to empowering forms of self-expression that build local and global community.” (Senft et al 2014)

For this module response assignment, you will be asked to select a popular Selfie as a case study for critical discussion. Ideally, this will be a Selfie that has received a lot of attention, and has been discussed and debated in the media – for whatever reason (see some examples that are provided).

Your Selfie artifact should be one that can provide a rich academic analysis and discussion about the fluid social boundaries of ‘egocentric’ and ’empowering’. You will provide some contex

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