Health Care Research paper

Health Care Research paper
1. Describe the education and training required.
2. Must the professional be licensed to practice in the state you live in?
3. What state do you live in? What are the credentials used by someone who is licensed?
4. Is there a national certification examination? If yes, what are the credentials used when the certification exam is passed successfully?
5. Must the individual participate in continuing education activities to maintain the professional credential? If yes, please briefly describe the requirements.
6. What types of settings can the healthcare professional be employed at? What are typical job functions for the professional?
What is the name of the national professional organization representing the healthcare professional? What is the URL for the organization?

Prepare a Reference List using MLA style. You must use at least one source other than your textbook(s). You may want to reference Works Cited: A Quick Guide . Additional MLA Resources can be found on PCCC’s Citing Your Sources LibGuide

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