Hand washing

Hand washing

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Microsoft Word: How to Make a Brochure in a Word Document

1. Determine a teaching concept in which a brochure could be used to reinforce the understanding of the chosen concept.
2. Use any software available to develop a 3-panel teaching brochure using Patient Education Guidelines for Education Materials
3. Use a readability level appropriate to the target audience.
4. Include graphics and color to enhance an idea or concept.
5. Write information in a font size of 16 or larger.
6. Proofread brochure for typographical and grammatical errors.
7. Ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.
8. Organize content in a logical, step-by-step fashion and present information concisely.
10. Avoid medical jargon. Define medical terms as necessary.
11. Write in conversation style. Keep words and sentences short.
12. Use second person (you) and write in the active voice.
13. Build in reviews at the end of the brochure.
14. Use plenty of white space.
15. State ideas/suggestions/directions/instruction in a positive manner.
16. Present powerful information tactfully.
17. Format the brochure with proper alignment and balance between bulleted points and text.

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