Please define program evaluation and policy analysis and describe how they are different.
Please describe in depth and detail what is an audit?
How can governments raise money?
Please identify and describe three different types of budgeting?
What is affirmative action and make a case for affirmative action.
What is affirmative action and make a case against affirmative action.
Define collective bargaining and the four basic stages.
What was the Civil Service Commission and what did it become?
Of the theories of leadership presented in the book, which do you agree with the most and why? (answer should define the theory)
What is too much leadership?
What are some of the future challenges to Strategic Management?
What is Benchmarking?
Define Empowerment and what is one way of empowering employees in an organization?
What is reengineering?
Identify and describe two motivation theories?
What is the impact of bureaucratic structure on behavior?
What did Herbert Simon attack in the Proverbs of Administration and what was his theory?
Who is acknowledged as the father of scientific management movement and what is scientific management?

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