Esperanza character of the book The House on Mango Street and Yolanda character of the book How the Garcia Girls Lost their Acents

The comparison and contrast essay to arrive at a claim about the significance of the similarities and differences. Before you begin, think a bit

about the basis for your comparison of the pairs of characters about whom you are writing : what is it that you think makes them worth examining

? You might consider such topics as expectations, sexuality and power. Then complete the following:

1. In paragraph #1, make and support a claim about the character Esperanza
2. In paragraph #2, make and support a similar claim about the character Yolanda
3. In paragraph #3 referencing and building upon the specific claims and evidence in paragraphs #1 and #2, draw some conclusions about

literature and coming of age, gender roles, and social expectations
You should properly use and cite all quotations and paraphrases that you will use from the books to support the essay

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