Assignment instructions
So far in this module, you have been given a lot of information regarding ELLs. Now it is your turn to gain a deeper knowledge on this topic by

conducting your own research of the following terms/concepts:
• processes for dual-language programs
• types of bilingual students
• principles of language transfer
• bi-literacy
• bi-culturally
You need to find THREE different definitions from the following THREE different sources:
• textbook( I have attached the pages from textbook in the additional materials Ch.12 pages 307-326)
• educational website
• educational journal
You MUST cite your sources using APA guidelines for each definition and include them in a separate Resource page at the end of your paper.

Youwill find THREE different sources with definitions (a well written, thorough definition – not a simple sentence)
Foreach term/concept, you need all three definitions,(one from textbook and one educational website and the other one from educational journal)

and ONE reflective paragraph for each term/concept about what it means for you as an educator using the following points to guide you:
• How will this affect you? and
• Do you agree/disagree with the concept? Explain.
You will do this for EACH term/concept for a total of these five term/concept written below:
• processes for dual-language programs
• types of bilingual students:
• principles of language transfer
• bi-literacy
• bi-culturally

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