Do 15-Month-Old Infants Understand False Beliefs

Two or three paragraphs
Introduce the topic of your review
Present the key aims of your argument.

Conclude with a brief statement of your evaluation of the text which can be positive, negative or more usually a mixed response

2. Summary
Incorporating the most important points of the target article
Hypothesis/es included
Methods -measures and participants discussed
Results discussed
Were all the necessary details given so that the reader can make sense of the article under review?
Have they been selective about the details covered?

3. Critical Analysis
Balanced discussion of the study using relevant research literature to support your argument.
Ensure you discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the study
Make suggestions as to how the study could be strengthened and why
How does the findings relate to the field of interest or to the wider picture?
Own commentary of the article

4. Conclusion
Summarize the points you have made
Restate your overall opinion of the article.
Briefly present recommendations

5. Structure
How have you spread the words over the different sections?
Are your paragraphs structured well with a clear point etc.

6. Writing Style
General comments on clarity of expression
7. General Comments
General comments

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