Cyber Security Policy At Walmart Inc.

“Based on your reading and on additional research on line, what are the major components of an IT or cyber security policy? If you work for a company are you aware of what the policy is for the company? Please describe it and if it corresponds to the reading or your research. “

Cyber Security Policy
Cyber Security Policy

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Major Components of Cyber Security Policy At Walmart Incorporated

Cyber Security Policy. According to Cisco. (2017). Cyber Security Management Programs, a cybersecurity policy should comprise of a range of steps cascading down from the management to the user with every participant’s role clearly defined. A company’s strategy that outlines its guidelines on cybersecurity protects itself and all its affiliates against the increasing threats of cyber attacks. Such a policy signifies the readiness and ability to shield against inappropriate misuse of data and points toward the transparency of operations as well as the proficiency of the system in use. . Flexibility being also a key component of such a policy ensures that it is up to date with the current requirements of the law and is consistent with those of the companies in similar statures.

Cyber Security Policy . Walmart Incorporated privacy and security.

Walmart Incorporated privacy and security explores a wide range of cybersecurity measures between itself and its associates. With the policy divided into some sections to define each one plainly, emphasis on the respect and security of personal information is placed. Options are presented to the user regarding the manner in which personal data is collected and what it will be used for. Also, conventional techniques to identify cons online are included with material on the various types, knowledge on self-protection against them and the relevant authorities to communicate to in case of encountering either of the scams mentioned above. Contact to the management is made available in the policy encouraging they be warned and enlightened in areas where there presents a wanting vulnerability while interacting with their system.

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