CYB – Assignment

CYB – Assignment
Use our book as a main reference:Engebretson, P. (2013). The basics of hacking and penetration testing: Ethical hacking and penetration testing

made easy (2nd ed.). Waltham, MA: Elsevier. .
• Chapter 7: Post Exploitation and Maintaining Access with Backdoors, Rootkits, and Meterpreter
Unit VII Assignment
Netcat: Transferring Files
Using two virtual machines, set up a listener and send a file over the connection on port 1337.
• On the receiving machine issue the following command:
o nc -lp 1337 > NAME-OF-FILE or nc -lp 1337 > virus.exe.
• Then, on the sending machine, issue the following command:
o nc 172.16.45 1337 < virus.exe
Submit a screenshot of your results as a file upload for grading.

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