Criminal Justice

Midterm Project – Fact Sheet on a Criminal Justice Topic of your choosing (50 Points)

Your assignment is to put together a “fact sheet” on the criminal justice topic of your choosing. I highly recommend that you clear the topic

and data source with me prior to completing your assignment. I have included several examples of what a fact sheet should look like on Canvas.

There is also a discussion board on Canvas for student questions and answers regarding this project.

I have included two example templates (see below) for you to see how you could organize your fact sheet. You can use any data source that you

would like as long as it is a credible source. If you have questions about what would or would not be a credible source please ask! For example,

the UCR would be an excellent data source that could cover any number of topics.

 1 Page
 Typed – 12 pt. font (Times New Roman or Cambria), you should have about 2 paragraphs worth of text throughout your fact sheet.
 2 Charts/Graphs or tables – Make sure you use labels, include titles, and make them visually appealing!
 You should have text that gives a 1-2 sentence statement about the importance of the graph or chart you create and include. Think of

this as the “take home point.” What is the important point of your chart/graph?

(Data source)

(Data source)

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