Cost Estimate

Submit a cost estimate using the table similar to the one used in the slides. If your cost is different than what you had proposed in the

Project Charter, provide a brief description of why and highlight what is different. Update your Project Charter.

Update your Risk Management Plan specifically relating to cost. Identify what risks exists and how you plan on mitigating them.

Assignment 5•Part 1: Develop a bottom-up cost estimate for your project.Include direct labor, indirect labor, overhead, general and

administration, profit (if applicable), travel, materials and/or other direct costs. Update your Project Charter and Risk Management Plan

(100pts) •BONUSPOINTS!Complete Scenario B and C of the HBSP simulation.Postonthediscussionboardhow you made your decisions, lessons learned or

observations and compare it to Scenario A. (10ptsfor each Scenario completed and posted. This could be as high as 20 total points)

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