Communications Exam questions

The instructions: 1- Answer each sub question alone. 2- support each sub-question with two new citations and dont use old scholars papers. 3-

use short citations in order to answer during my exam 4- try to avoid long sentences because i need to memories the answers and use them during

he exam . 5- try to depend on Arabic writer or scholars avoid not to use Al-Jenaibi for citation …she wrote about UAE media but dont use her

for citation 6-talk about positive issues The exam: Questions:
Answer these two questions
Please use latest scholars’ publications.
Remember this is an exam, so please use short citations.

Answer each sub-question alone

Question # 1:
Write about the development of social media in the UAE. You have to include:
1- History of the social media in UAE
2- Statistical information about UAE traditional and ocial media
3- Uses of the social media tools in UAE
4- Struggles of the social media in the UAE society
5- Discussion about latest scholars’ publications related to social media in the UAE.

Question # 2:
1- Compare between social and traditional media in the UAE. Write about:
2- The media history of both media.
Compare them.
3- Media purposes in UAE
4- Latest scholars’ publications.
5- Apply spiral of silence theory. :explain how the people by using social media have started sharing their opinions but please remember to

discuss in positive way.

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