Clinical Practice #2: Staff Recognition Badging

Background: Recognizing employees for their work is an integral part of being a good leader.
Badges can be used to recognize employee excellence, incentivize learning, foster collaboration
and increase motivation. Recent research also shows that gamification in the workplace has
gained momentum and that when designed properly, the use of badges create relevance and
For this assignment, create a minimum of 5 badges for your organization. See some suggestions
1) Professional Development Badges
2) Employee Recognition Badges (classified and certified)
3) Excellence in Teaching Badges (align with California Standards for the Teaching Profession)
4) Technology Badges
5) Teamwork and Collaboration Badges
6) Family and Community Engagement Badges
Include a brief description regarding the criteria for earning each badge and explain how it is
aligned to specific objectives/outcomes. Also include a brief description of how you plan (or
would plan) to award badges and where the the badges will be hosted.
Where to host them please refer to this Pikto Chart on
Digital Badges:

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