Write an essay answer the following questions;

1)Should the current focus on stakeholders be accommodated within the traditional thinking that management has a special, ethically different in kind, relationship with shareholders? More specifically, should the stakeholder focus be seen as a logical and moral extension of the consciences of the shareholders, and so as morally significant but not special in the manner of the principal/agent shareholder/management relationship? Or is the emerging stakeholder force something more than that, and maybe moving towards the development, and perhaps eventual transformation or abolition, of capitalism?

The very notion of authenticity is to do what is you and your beliefs outright, overt and naturally (Agle, Mitchell and Sonnenfeld (1999) as the authors suggest that a leader’s standing and support comes from their ability to be seen as open and leading-by-example and this is discussed as part of a bigger construct of openness of what is for the common good amongst all members of an organization (Argandona, 1998). The notion of adding stakeholders to this equation is a good one as you can offer a broader mix of opportunities to the greater whole and thus have options for navigating those issues that arise for an organization (Cennamo, Berrone and Gomez-Mejia, 2009). I work much in the same fashion. I promote the outward flow of why we do the things we do and always have transparency and clarity of communications at the heart of what I do and those of my senior management teams: this is also expoused by Argandona (1998) in how to achieve some traction of reaching a common ground and what is good for the greater whole in achieving greater understanding and acceptance of what is fair, right and virtuous. This notion is also positioned from another angle of sustainability in that repeated acts of recognizable behavior will be repeated by others and reinforced as the proper behavior within a guiding set of norms of the organisation’s framework (Clifton and Azlan, 2011) and this is how the authenticity of both myself and others can evolve over time. This is important to be seen as widely transparent, free to approach, overt in your actions and communications and to put all sense of conflict or related-party interests in the open for those to see, judge and understand. (Freeman and Auster, 2011). I think this is how I try to be and our organization and I think these are wise words and thoughts that can build a enduring level of trust, integrity and authenticity of leaders, followers and multi-distributed leadership processes that exist in my organization and the organization of others. Your thoughts on this?

How has authenticity in your organization come to pass in the way in which people work and behave? Are you an authentic leader and if so, why?

3)I enjoyed your post especially as you provided further theoretical explanation about the pros and cons of applying stakeholder theory (Freeman, 1984).

You had said ‘I have worked with various companies who fully apply the theory of stakeholder management, and I have realized it is the most critical thing to the success of every project in such organization’.

Cite a typical example of your experience with one of such companies relative to:

– Specific list of those individual and groups that participated in such arrangement

– How were value created and traded among them (Parmar et al, 2010)?

– Was economic issue triumph over ethical concerns in such arrangement? If yes, why or why not?

– What role did you particularly played in such stakeholder management concept?

– What roles were played by the business executives who should manage such relationships?

– There was concerned that in stakeholder network, there are differences that might lead conflicts of interest, how was your particular experience aggravate or eliminate conflicts and what roles were exhibited by the manager?

– In specific terms, do let in to the merit or draw backs of your cited experience.


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