what voice do minors have in healthcare (ages 12-18)?


Choose an ethical issue related to nursing. consider general areas technology, education, research, economics, and
legal issues for topic ideas. APA format 6th ed. and include headings level 1 and 2, 12font, roman times, double
spaced, running head. References other than text required (ethics and issues in contemporary nursing). Be aware of
the validity and reliability of sources used especially internet. Include introduction of issue, relevant
history/landmark events/rulings to give clear picture viewed in society. Discuss why its an ethical dilemma for
you, including ethical principles involved or conflicting, relevant values hold, ethical theory your ascribing to,
fallacies of reasoning that might interfere in your ethical decision making process related to this issue.
Describe how this ethical issue impacts patients, families, society, law, and economics. Describe the role of the
nurse in the decision making process regarding the ethical issue. Describe any conflicts/concerns, legal and
ethical responsibilities (what standards apply). Discuss actual or potential resolution of the issue with
attention to how it involves/affects the nurse, patient, family, society, the law and economics. Provide a
conclusion. There should be 5-8 pages of text.

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