What happens in the brain during sex

1. What happens in the brain during sex? Discuss what changes occur in the brain during sexual arousal and orgasm
and why they occur.


2. To what extent has contemporary culture affected our perceptions of our bodies or body image? Is the influence
of contemporary culture on perceptions of body image healthy or unhealthy?


3. Has natural selection influenced what we find sexually attractive? To what extent has natural selection shaped
the physical features or characteristic we judge as handsome, beautiful or attractive?


4. How and why do people fall in love? Do you feel biology has played a role in determining who you have fallen
in love with?


5. Is comprehensive sexuality education the most effective way to promote sexual health, responsibility and
prevent teenage pregnancy? How does the effectiveness of this approach compare to other types of sexuality
education, such as abstinence only education?


6. Discuss the what extent to which gender and sexual orientation influences a person’s expectations about sex and
relationships. Does a person’s gender and/or sexual orientation affect what he or she finds sexually arousing
(aside from obvious things such as same or opposite sex attraction)?

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