We have discussed the importance of a continuing flow of new ideas into

We have discussed the importance of a continuing flow of new ideas into the product/service mix. To help illustrate the point, I have identified one well-known company for each of you.
Use the Internet to explore the nature of your company, their history, business and their product mix. Explain the width length and depth of it. Also include the newest additions/changes to the product mix. (Annual reports often contain information about products under development that may not be included in marketing literature for the general public.)
Based on the Internet research, each student should prepare a short paper/presentation (no more than 2 pages) outlining what s/he’s found and why the changes to product mix are (or are not) significant in this particular situation. I ask that you be very specific about the selling points (benefits) that might be associated with each change or addition to a given company’s mix.
Remember the importance of keeping things (i.e., the product mix) new and exciting for established companies. Talk about the value of adding, improving, and eliminating individual products. The little bit of research done by you adds considerably to both your interest in the topic and in your ability to make the topic “real.” Details are below.

Outline and explain the following using Marketing terms, strategies and concepts for your company:
-Your company’s product mix (see book’s example chart). Use creativity in how you show this. You may include how these decisions may have been made to include such products in the mix
?-Choose a product category and describe the product life cycle and how it may be extended (or ?deleted) if applicable and outline such a strategy.
?-Outline the market segmentation for your company’s product mix and their target markets. Make ?sure the information from both chapters flow


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