water management

• To investigate the historical development of London with respect to water management:
• To chart the long-term historical geography of London and the association of London with the River Thames.
• To consider how water resource challenges associated have been addressed through engineering-based solutions.
• To examine the legacy of these solutions in terms of environmental quality, planning and environmental regulation.
• To project future water resource scenarios under changing physical (e.g climate) and social conditions and consider the sustainability of these approaches.

You will investigate sites of specific interest that will cover a range of water management issues that will provide case study example of water management themes that will closely mirror themes you will investigate in the lecture programme.

You will produce a 2750 word report for the fieldtrip. The aim of the report is to examine a range of water management themes concerning the management of water resources in London and the southeast of England. The selection of the themes (and the number of themes chosen) and the order in which you present them is your choice. Your report will:
? Provide a general introduction to the report providing a context for the chosen themes and a justification for these themes.
? Provide a review of the chosen themes you have selected.
? Provide a discussion that draws the collective experiences of the individual themes together and highlights the future water resource management challenges for London and the southeast..
Your report should NOT be a site-by-site review of places investigated. You report will synthesise acquired personal knowledge from the fieldwork with background knowledge from lectures and substantial independent research of both academic and practitioner based sources of reference.
Your report will be produced in a clear report style. It will be fully supported with bold legible diagrams and annotated field sketches to illustrate your comments. Credit will be given for originality, e.g. Personal field-sketches and maps.

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