User Satisfaction and Use of LibQUAL+ in Academic Libraries

1. Show how the LibQUAL+ applies to librarianship at large or to a number of situations.

2. Write a section that shows the ?big picture? of assessment of user satisfaction in academic libraries.
2a, History of user survey.
2b. Inform you readers of where people succeed or fail in user surveys
2c. How did academic libraries assess user satisfaction before LibQUAL?
2d. What were the problems with those assessments?
2e. Give reasons why LibQUAL has been successful. Establish its reliability and validity as instrument of
evaluating user satisfaction. (What makes LibQUAL shine?). (Please include and discuss that in the past, the home
grown survey does not portray reliability and consistency).

3. Present the investigation of and elaboration of academic libraries upon the results of the LibQUAL+ findings in
Kennesaw State University (KSU). See attached KSU survey.

4. Abstract should indicate #3 above and the introduction should also make this clear.
4a. Also, make it clear that LibQUAL+ is meant strictly for measuring satisfaction in academic libraries.
4b. In this part of the paper, place the information about LibQUAL in general, a brief profile of KSU, and why KSU
chose LibQUAL+.

5. describe how the LibQUAL+ study fits into the ?big picture? of assessment of user satisfaction in libraries.

6. Elaborate on reliability of LibQUAL+ as a survey instrument as a result of several years of testing. Why
reliability is very high when you?re looking for consistency.
7. Elaborate on validity of LibQUAL+. Do the survey results justify the purpose for which the university embarks
on it?
8a. Were the Kennesaw State University findings typical of findings in other libraries?
8b. What are the advantages of LibQUAL+? and Disadvantages?
8c. You might talk about other measures for academic library satisfaction that are still being used either with
LibQUAL+ or in place of it.
8d. Why did LibQUAL+ work well for academic universities?



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