Triple AAA Financials BaseBall League

Triple AAA Financials BaseBall League

Project instructions:
Fact pattern
? You are the President of an expansion Triple AAA minor league baseball team ? the Charleston Braves; and their stadium ? Chase Bank Stadium
? You must build a business outline for the owner

Based on the informations above, you are to create a Financial Pro Forma Spreadsheet with:

a. Assume the following expenses:
i. Employee expenses = $2,500,000
ii. Player/coach expenses = $4,000,000
iii. Stadium operations expenses = $1,650,000
iv. Business operations expenses (marketing, computers, etc.) = $1,250,000
b. Assume 15,000 seat stadium; 40 home games.
c. Develop a financial outline of revenue and expense from the expenses information above and the revenue opportunity information below:
i. Ticket Revenue. Determined by what you set ticket prices at and your projected sell out percentage.
ii. Sponsorship Revenue. Project your sponsorship revenue from Chase Bank and 20 other smaller sponsors.
iii. Other Revenues you receive:
1. 20% of all food and beverage sales. Each guest will spend an average of $20 on food and beverage per game.
2. 25% of all merchandise and program sales. Each guest will spend an average of $5 on merchandise and programs per game.
3. $3 for each car that is parked in your 5,000 space parking lot
d. Include any other revenue stream not included above that you think the team might be capable of generating. Be realistic.
e. Do your formulas/calculations in the spreadsheet ? not in a separate calculator.



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