The Role of IMF (International Monetary Fund) and its impact on Poblic Policy in China and South Korea


1 Discuss the role and impact of the IMF in a chosen policy area(Finance, investment, for example)in China and
south Korea

2 Consider institunal issues relating to policies(How does the IMF involved ,key elements of polcy framework,
policy tools, conditionalities, norms, values for example)How does this particular policy area fit in with wider
agendas of “Washington’ and ‘post-Washington’consensus
3 Discuss the policy developments in a particular region(relevance of context, influence of IOs, broader
socio-political and economic contexts)

4 outline impacts and critical analysis(how can we trace impacts and outcomes, what are the main arguments of the
critics, to what extend do you agree with the critics, how can we link empirical evidence and theoretical  arguments)

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