The Portfolio of Current Issues in Risk Management

The portfolio will consist of 5 short reviews of articles (approximately 500 words each excluding references)
that have been published in either the quality daily or Sunday newspapers (e.g. Times, Guardian, Independent,
Telegraph, Herald, Scotsman, etc.), or in professional journals (e,g, Economist, Corporate Risk, Strategic
Risk, Post Magazine, etc.), during the period in which the portfolio is being prepared.

In selecting items for inclusion in the portfolio, you should consider their relevance to the topic of
Strategic and Operational Risk Management. Each review should include a very brief summary of the chosen
article, followed by a personal commentary which identifies the business risk issues and relates these to the
topics studied in this module, e.g. issues of culture, power, organizational environment and change, risk
assessment, control and/or business continuity planning, as appropriate. You should note that the word count
relates only to the content of the personal commentary sections.



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