The Monster is Real

The Monster is Real


Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Norton Critical Edition, second edition, ISBN 978-0-393-92793. This is the book that my essay needs to be written from.

Part Two: Essay (a minimum of 750 words)

One of the most important critical aspects (or element) of any work of literature in Conflict because without a meaningful, understandable, and engaging Conflict, the writer would not write a very readable or successful work. Characterization is important as well because it is through these characters that the Conflict plays out and is resolved. In an essay of a minimum of two complete pages (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font), address all of the following: (1) Explain in detail the Element of Conflict, paying particular attention to the Freytag Pyramid; (2) Explain clearly each type of Conflict, that is Internal Conflict and External Conflict (Hint- you may want to refer again to Word File is provided in Topic Two, entitled ?Our Analytical Tools: The BIG FOUR Elements of Fiction.?); (3) Give an example from the novel Frankenstein of both of types of Conflict, and use one quote from the novel to support each of the types of Conflict; and (5) Briefly relate a Conflict from your own life experiences which is/was similar to one of the two Conflicts in Frankenstein. For example, have you ever set out to accomplish something which you felt was valuable and rewarding only to discover that what you did had exactly the opposite effect? Or have you ever been in conflict with another person who was truly a bad person (one who had the power to do great harm to you and/or your loved ones) and over whom you felt you had no control?


Essay Structure: Your essay should be about five paragraphs, with an introductory paragraph which presents your thesis statement or the main idea of your essay, and sufficient paragraphs in the body of your essay to address all of the items asked for in the above paragraph. The Thesis Statement is typically the last sentence of the Introductory Paragraph and lets the reader know the focus of your essay and engages the reader?s attention. (Example: A weak thesis statement would be ?I really liked the novel Frankenstein.? A strong thesis statement might be something like: ?The presence of a meaningful conflict is an integral part of any novel, whether that conflict is internal or external; further, in the novel Frankenstein, we see both types of conflict developed through the characters who act in ways which really reminded me of my own personal conflicts.?) Your conclusion can be the paragraph in which you draw similarities between the Conflict in the novel and your own life experience. Remember: Carefully edit your essay before submitting, provide a minimum of two quotations from the novel in the item above which requests quotes to support your essay, and make sure your paragraphs transition well from one to the next. That is, make sure your essay flows smoothly from your discussion of one item to the next.

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