The impact of multiplepatient simulation experiences on the development of nursing students’ patient safety competencies


article (Ironside et al., 2009) about safety. Analyze and critique the article and study that it reported.

– Did the authors describe a theoretical or empirical background to support their research questions? If so, what?
– Describe the participants and research design/procedures.
– What measures/tools were used in this study? Were these adequate for the purpose of the study? Why or why not?
– What type of statistical test(s) were used in this study? Were different tests used for different research questions? Explain.
– Were these tests appropriate to the research question? Why or why not?
– Did the authors discuss assumptions of the statistical tests used? Were they correct to use this test(s)?
– What were the results of the statistical tests? Please include the actual values of all statistics used.
– Did the authors report and interpret the results correctly? What if anything, would you add to their interpretation?
– Did you find any limitations to this study? Did the authors describe them accurately?
– How might you improve the study, if you were to replicate it?



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