The Five Pillars of Islam

describe each Pillar of the Five Pillars of Islam. Your description should be full and should include quotes and
citations from several sources to add commentary to your description. After you have explained each Pillar fully,
select one Pillar for comparison to other Abrahamic religions (i.e. Christianity or Judaism). what similar
practices are found in Judaism and Christianity that relate to the Pillar you selected? Be certain to cite from
scholarship for the comparison.

The topic is explicitly stated. The question is identified.
The purpose of the essay is clear to the reader.
The topic and purpose respond directly and fully to the assignment.
Discussion: At least several paragraphs (roughly 6-10) paragraphs, each unified to discuss one major element of
the discussion or to present one major section of the evidence. For research papers, this section will be longer –
several pages rather than several paragraphs.
The paragraphs are organized so that each presents an appropriate share of the content in an equal and balanced
The ideas in each paragraph are well organized and coherent (easy to follow).
The discussion is full and complete, includes sufficient specific details, appropriate concepts from the readings,
and does not digress from the main idea or point.
The sentences use the expected terminology derived from the readings for the topics.
The discussion explores the complexities of the topic and analyzes its most significant aspects.
Issues are identified with precision and clarity.
The supporting evidence is relevant and credible and contains no unsubstantiated assumptions.
The inferences follow a logical line of thought and are consistent with the evidence being presented.
The arguments proposed to answer other points of view accurately and fairly describe the opposing points of view
and the complexity of the issues or disagreements.



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