summarize and critique a book

What is the purpose of the text?
Is it a review of the literature?
Does it develop a new theory or method?
Does it present new research findings?

What is the central argument of the text?
Are there secondary arguments?
Is the line of argumentation logical?
Is the argument persuasive? Why or why not?

Evidence and Methods:
What evidence (statistics, observations, logic, etc.) is used to support the argument(s)?
Is the evidence adequate? Is it reliable? Is anything missing?
How has the evidence been collected?
If more than one case is involved, how were the cases chosen?
Is the methodology sound?
Could you draw a different conclusion from the evidence being presented?
Does the reasoning or the evidence appear biased? If so, why?

Theoretical Approach:
What is the author’s theoretical approach?
How does this approach affect his/her logic or the type of evidence considered?

How does this text compare to others on the same or similar topics?
Does the text have an impact on the way the topic is studied?

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