Strategy options for EHR

Overview: Chapter 8 describes the scope and purpose of a functional needs assessment and explains how to conduct a functional needs assessment.

Chapter 9 Defines the role of data infrastructure in knowledge continum, explores types, formats, and processing requirements of data, architectures, data sets, databases, data repositories, and data warehouses. This chapter also describes the purpose of data dictionaries, data modeling, data quality, and data integrity.

Textbook: Amatayakul, M. (2012) 5rd edition.  Electronic Health Records: A Practical Guide for Professionals and Organizations. ISBN # 978 158 4262 916.

Resource Folder: Go to the Resource Folder and review the following files,

•Welcome to Project Management IT Planning Document
•Project Management Mock Cases
•Project Management Proposal Form
•Additional Internet Resources

1) READ:  In your textbook read Chapter 8 (Functional Needs Assessment) and Chapter 9 (Data Infrastructure Assessment).


Strategy Options
a. Evaluate vendor products for an electronic health record that will include training options. (First Paragraph) (Compare at least 2 EHR vendors. Briefly explain why one vendor is better than the other for employee training).

b. Create a capital expenditure budget. (Second paragraph) (Create a “capital expenditure” budget for your case in reference to an EHR. Note: a capital expenditure budget usually has a high initial cost with a life span of more than one year. It can be created in phases to meet the needs of a project. Look at what hardware, fees, or staffing you will need to move/expand to an EHR. Will it be an all upfront costs or will you have items, fees, staff add on, equipment, etc during each phase that you need to plan for? Keep in mind; this is a mock situation so your prices and costs do not have to be exact. The point of this step is to get you familiar with creating a budget and identifying the items you would need to look for).

c. Write a policy and procedure for maintaining confidentiality and security of health information. (Third paragraph) (What rules and procedures will you put in place to protect the disclosure of a person’s health information)?

d. Create a mini plan for getting the organization and staff ready for an IT change. (Fourth paragraph) (List the steps you will take to prepare the organization and your staff for the IT change. Look at things such as EHR pre-training, job re-organization, departmental set-up, staffing changes, staffing hours, influx of phone inquires in reference to the access and operations of the EHR, plans for system crashes or glitches, etc).

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