Socioeconomic Correlates of Crime

Select one of the topics below for your main post. Describe the theories and practices related to the topic you selected. Provide an analysis of the topic. Use at least one scholarly resource to inform and support your analysis. Please identify the topic selected in the title of your post.

USA PATRIOT Act: The USA PATRIOT Acts I and II have been viewed as controversial public policies in terms of traditional American legal concepts regarding rights of accused versus major public safety concerns rooted in the events of 9/11. Please take one side of the issue—either in support of or in opposition to the fundamental tenets of the policy—and offer sound scholarly-based arguments for your position. Suggest any revisions to such policy that you deem appropriate.
Socioeconomic Correlates of Crime: Identify and analyze the basic socioeconomic correlates of crime. How does an understanding of these correlates aid public safety leaders and specialists (practitioner-scholars) in developing effective public policy strategies while focusing on ways to promote social equity concerns regarding race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation?


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