Social media in the work place

1. You are an employee of a large-scale TV network company. Apple made an offer to your company to access
to some of your top TV shows for a monthly fee, so that people can watch these TV shows on their iPads rather
than on TV. Your CIO has not yet responded to Apple’s overture. He has some concerns about endangering the
company’s strong partnerships with satellite/cable TV providers. Submit a report, which outlines the
advantages and disadvantages in selling TV shows of your company to Apple.

2.You are a newly hired technical consultant at Google. You have just been given a briefing about Google’s
social networking strategy. You are asked to re-evaluate and if necessary to revise this strategy, so that the
company can compete with Facebook. Write a report for this purpose. In your report also state the highly
possible reasons of the failure of Google Buzz as well as the current status of Google+. Would it be a good
strategy to build a social platform on the top of existing technologies such as Google Earth and Google Maps?
Discuss all these matters and provide justifications to your arguments.

3.You are an employee of a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and your boss needs to decide whether he should
switch his business to Google’s email domain hosting service. Submit a report, which outlines the advantages
and disadvantages in switching the biz to Google’s domain hosting service.

4.You are an employee of an SME (Small Medium Enterprise), which is planning to buy CRM software. Your boss
wants your assistance to decide whether they should buy SAP software package or prefer a software-as-a-service
(SaaS)-based CRM application, which is provided by Write a report and in your report discuss
the advantages and disadvantages of both traditional software package offered by SAP and SaaS-based CRM
application offered by In your discussion, take into account Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
components. Discuss whether preferring SaaS-based CRM application would or would not decrease your upfront
capital IT costs. In your report, also discuss drawbacks of cloud-computing regarding security and
reliability. If you prefer SaaS-based CRM application, would you provision for storing company data locally,
or would you give the responsibility for data storage and control in the hands of

5.Your company wants to practice Green Computing. CIO of the company wants you to write a report to propose
actions that need to be taken to reduce power consumption. In your report, you must also propose solutions to
lower down cooling costs for your servers. While proposing solutions, you can briefly mention existing Green
Computing practices of some large-scale organizations (e.g. Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Google, HSBC).

6.IT Department of your company has bought some servers and they haven’t decided yet whether they should
install Linux or Windows on these servers. IT manager wants you to write a report, in which you are supposed
to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems. Your report must also include a
recommendation of one of these operating systems with solid justification. You can explain why you recommend
Linux/Windows by giving examples from practices in well-known companies.
7.Skype offers free VoIP service worldwide, including video, using a peer-to-peer network. Skype also permits
“callers” to access landlines for regular telephone calls in exchange for a certain amount of fee. You work
for a Canadian Cable firm and your company needs to develop a service besides its existing high-speed Internet
and cable offerings. Write a report to propose a solution so that your company can compete with Skype in the
market (i.e. What type of a service should your company provide besides its existing high-speed Internet and
cable offerings so that it can compete with the services offered by Skype for free or in exchange of low price
8.The company you work for has decided to monitor its employee use of e-mail, blogs, and the Internet in order
to reduce personal traffic on the company’s network as well as to prevent the leakage of company’s
confidential information and trade secrets through email and blogs. Before putting monitoring into practice,
CIO of the company asks your opinion about whether electronic surveillance s an appropriate tool for
maintaining an efficient and positive work environment. Write a report to explain the disadvantages and
advantages of electronic surveillance in work environment. In your report also discuss alternative
precautions, which can be preferred over electronic surveillance to decrease employees’ personal usage of
company’s Internet resources and to prevent leakage of company’s private information.

9.The company you work for has a marketing group charged with developing new products and services for the
company itself. However, the members of this marketing group are all spread across Canada. The company’s CIO
wants the members of this marketing group email each other and communicate with the home office without any
chance that outsiders could intercept the communications. As a consultant, write a report to explain your CIO
Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a solution to the problem in hand. In your report, briefly explain the
features and the advantages of VPN as well as explaining how VPN functions.

10.You work for a small business, which currently uses spreadsheets and keyword searches to review customer
comments. Your boss is considering about buying a version of Clarabridge text-mining software product for
small businesses and he asks for your opinion. Write a report to your boss and in your report explain the
advantages of text mining (Text-mining which mainly consist of analysing large sets of unstructured data,
which is generated in e-mails, phone conversations, blog postings, online customer surveys and tweets). In
your report also mention alternative text mining software products other than Clarabridge. Briefly, compare
features of these text-mining software products with the features of Clarabridge.

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