Assess “the European Dream,” in your assessment explicitly juxtaposing it with “the American Dream.” You may
offer your own personal judgment about the “logic,” value, effectiveness, challenges, of “the European Dream.”
But, in your assessment, you are explicitly to do the following:
1. Define what we mean by the term “European Dream.”
2. Discuss what Europeans mean by “social justice,” and note how social justice compares with what Americans
call “welfare statism.”
3. Briefly discuss the hallmark features and results of “the European Dream” and European social justice. [You
are welcome to judge these features and results if you so desire, but be sure you make clear to the reader
that you understand what these hallmark features and results are.]
4. Note how the contrasting European and American views of the positive and the negative role of the state in
safeguarding liberty fit with the logic of “the European Dream” and “the American Dream.”
5. Briefly discuss how “procedural rights” and “substantive (aka material, quality of life) rights” fit into
any consideration of “the European Dream” and “the American Dream.”
In your discussion, be sure to explicitly refer to:
6. Mäster August Palm’s November 6, 1881 speech about socialism, delivered at the Hotel Stockholm, Malmö,
7. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Economic Bill of Rights,” as excerpted from his January 11, 1944 State
of the Union Speech. Limit your response to three typed, single-spaced pages, using double-spacing between paragraphs, and applying  reasonable font sizes and margins.


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