Set design of the play”Harvest”

Imagine you are presenting the committee of a working theatre and must persuade them to let YOU
direct the play. To persuade them you will demonstrate how you would design, direct and perform of
ONE key scene from the play discussing:
Why this scene is key to understanding the politics of the play as a whole.

How you will use the production elements to focus audience attention on the important issues
The element : Harvest: Set design.And the requirement are:
Define why it is important to the play as a whole,
and how you will make that importance clear to the audience. What is the objective of your
production? What do you want your performance to say? How do you want to focus the
audience?s attention? On what issue, or aspect of the play?
Describing how it will be used to
support the objective of the proposed production. As producers you may choose to follow
descriptions of set, props, costumes, sound and lights in the script, or you may suggest new ways
to use these production elements.
a. Where you accept the descriptions in the text, you must make it clear why this is
important for your production?
b. Where you are making new production choices you must make it clear how these choices
support the intentions of your productioItn?



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