Rosemont copper paper

You are an intern for a local Tucson Arizona congressional representative. Rosemont Copper seeks to construct an open pit mine south of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains. The Rosemont Copper Mine project is controversial and is a hot political topic in the Southern Arizona region and has even received some national interest. Your representative has asked you to advise him/her on this issue. Write a 750 to ~1000 word paper to address this topic.

You must argue one way or the other. Either take a stand for the Rosemont Copper Mine project or take a stand against the project. In your paper you must present your reasons for your point of view and provide appropriate citations for any data you present. The list of references is outside the word limit.

An article in the New York Times from Mar 21, 2012, “A Clash Over Mining and Water”, was distributed in class and should get you started. There is more information on the web at the company website ( as well as at the Save the Scenic Santa Ritas website. The Arizona Daily Star, which is the local newspaper, has published a number of follow up stories as the project makes its way through the permitting process. These are also available on the internet.


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