Ray and Maria’s Story

Throughout your book, the interrelatedness of the body systems is highlighted through two cases: Ray and
Maria’s stories. Each case highlights different aspects of the system of the chapter.
1) Explain how the relationship of anatomy and physiology has worked against Ray?

2) What is the etiology of Ray’s condition and his diagnosis?

3) How would you state his prognosis? What future complications do you expect to see?

Ray’s Story – Chapter 2

Ray’s story continues in Chapter 2 on Pages 52. Because of his condition, Ray will require radiologic studies
throughout his life. Given the following diagnostic scenarios, give your best diagnostic answer. Explain your

1) Since this was initially a neck injury, on what specific portion of the spinal column would you focus your

2) Due to being bedridden and inactive, Ray will be breathing in a monotonous shallow manner even with the
assistance of a mechanical ventilator and therefore not fully exercising his respiratory system. This can lead
to lung collapse and pneumonia. Which body cavity would you focus your study?

3) Ray will be more prone to accidental falls while being assisted in daily activities in living. What could
happen that would require radiologic studies?

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