RADAR Methodology

The goal of the project is to provide MQM students with a practical opportunity to develop conduct self-assessment using RADAR Methodology for a selected quality award winner/participant. The report for this option is expected to cover the following:

a. Detailed analysis of the strengths of the company; 5 marks
b. Detailed analysis of the areas for improvement of the company; 5 marks
c. Detailed analysis of the site visit matters; 5 marks
d. Completed scoring templates; 10 marks
e. Power point presentation. 5 marks

In this report accompany will be chosen (that had win a quality award, European, should be about EUROPIAN FRAMEWORK QUALITY MANAGEMENT ), and discuss how this firm won the award ,what have been done to achieve excellence and won the prize and is this firm still on the head or still keeping and providing a high quality or it decline and retreat or withdrawn from the market ,what are the advises that should be given to keep this firm in the front of the others (re-analaize and reassess  the company situation). RADAR methodology must be used. And if the chosen company is not award winner, the report must assess the readiness of the company for excellence, what they have to do and prepare to be from the top , the firm should be approached in a critical thinking way.

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