Quarry road project

An access road is to be constructed into a new quarry which is being developed in the Yorkshire Dales to the north of Skipton.  The works comprise:

10km of single carriageway flexible pavement construction with associated earthworks, fencing, drainage and kerbing

Two culverts

An Accommodation overbridge

The diversion of a 660kV overhead electricity line.

The work is to start on the first Monday in the next calendar year with the following non-work periods:

Easter – One week

Spring Bank holiday – One week

Summer Bank Holiday – One week

Christmas and New Year – Two weeks

A five day week will be worked.

Roadworks can continue whilst the bridge is being constructed subject to appropriate health and safety provisions being in place.

The roadworks site must be secured by temporary or permanent fencing prior to earthworks starting on any sections of cut or fill.

Surplus cut or fill will go to or come from the quarry.

There is to be a one week buffer between all roadworks operations.

Above the explanation the quarry  road project; Below is the requirement

Please prepare:
A time-Location analysis of the roadworks part of the scheme

A schedule showing when each sub-contractor is needed and how many gangs are required

For the Accommodation Bridge
Details of the tasks associated with the construction of a new Accommodation Bridge, are attached.  For this aspect of the project, please prepare:

A Work Breakdown structure for Accommodation Bridge, both paper based and constructed in the software

A cumulative cashflow for the bridge construction

Risk Assessment and Method Statements for:
Base Construction – Steel Fixing
Stem Construction – Concrete pouring
Beam placing
Parapet Fixing

A description of how health, safety, welfare and security facilities on the project will be provided

Suitable presentation and commentary. This must also include planning details and assumptions made.

Long Section showing cut and fill and position of structures,etc

Accommodation Bridge
North Bank Seat                                                                                                                             South Bank Seat

Accommodation Bridge

The Accommodation Bridge is part of the Quarry Road Project.  All bulk earthworks must be completed before the bridge construction can start. Your task is to plan the construction of this bridge and determine resource requirements.

To keep the planning relatively simple, ensure that the construction is in “lumps”.  It is appreciated that there ought really to be much more detail but time is against us!

Some Construction details:

We are in an area of fine Yorkshire sandstone so base construction is directly on to bedrock.

The North and South Bank Seats are exactly the same construction.

The North and South Pier are all exactly the same construction

Bank seat construction comprises Excavation, Formwork, Steelfixing and Concreting plus fixing bearings

Pier construction comprises Excavation, Formwork, Steelfixing and Concreting to the base and Formwork, Steelfixing and Concreting to the stem plus fixing bearings

Each deck span comprises 10 beams with a concrete slab on permanent formwork and is to include parapet fixing, deck waterproofing and deck surfacing.

Accommodation Bridge – Typical example

Pier Base Construction – typical details for one

Item    Duration
(Days)    Resources    Costs
Excavation    4    Bridge Earthworks Subcontractor    £2000
Formwork    5    Ordinary Crane
4 operatives
Pier Base Formwork
Steelfixing    6    Ordinary Crane
4 operatives
Pier Base Formwork    Materials £15000
Concreting    1    Concrete Pump
4 operatives    Materials £10000

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